Are you looking to upgrade your existing camera rig?

We think HIR offers those little details that take any camera rig from toy to tool.

“My shoulder pad is huge and huge and fills up half of my camera bag when the rig is broken down”

This is why we love our low profile shoulder pads

I have one expensive lens gear, changing lenses on set takes an age”

Absolutely. This is why we developed our affordable zip tie focus gears

“My large diameter lens gears take up huge space in my bag”

..and why are focus gears sit low profile on the lens

“The tubular handles on my rig slip all the time, and dont present any mount points for accesories”

We think you should consider swapping to HIR Bars

“My Rods are the wrong length”

After hunting suppliers for more than a year we have now found stainless 15mm tube that we can offer at a good price

“Im done with putting heavy stuff on magic arms – evrything just slips”

Don’t we know it. Meet Bones. A truely ridgid system.

As true camera geeks we have considered and battled with all the problems, matte box height, a cage to fit all cameras, tripod plates to fit all cameras

If there is a battle that we have not won, and there are lots, we will tell you that in an open in honest manner – and maybe even send you towards another company that has a solution.