Nex5n mini rig

NEX 5n rigged on custom mount with single HIR DoNo and spar. This is a pocket rocket for shooting, giving quite serious footage considering the ‘comedy’ form factor. The huge difference between an NEX and a DSLR is the flip screen which means you can look down at the camera like an old Hasselblad – […]

JME back for more

Rap artist JME has come back for another session with the HIR Bodymount.

Thin Bone

Rough concept for ‘Thin Bone’ – could become a super EVF mount. These will lock together at many angles using HIR serrated plates.  


Gryo NEX5n

A test rig. Not saying too much.


Nex Solid

My own project on getting a solid mount for the NEX5n – mild overkill, but it works! Easy test.. 16 2.8 pancake A more challenging test.. 50 1.2 nikkor at 1.2 (200ISo!) and some 28 2.5E at 2.5       Massive overengineeering, an early build..


HIR Mini Focus Gear

New into production and beta testing is the new HIR mini focus gear. Designed for to fit smaller lenses, typically for MFT cameras. The lens gear is a ‘cut to length’ for lenses of around 40mm upwards More info will follow as we receive beta test feedback. Mini Focus Gear on SLRmagic 12mm prime.* Thank […]



Aaton are famous for ergonomic cameras. “The cat on the shoulder” I had a play with a photo of my T60 rig and the and the new digital Aaton. See how the mass is low on my T60, just like an Aaton once the shoulder is tucked behind the sticksmount and in front of the […]


Lightweight Support

I had an enquiry about the mass of my lightweight rod setup. The minimal system is very low mass compared some others on the market. About 350g without the 577 or 500g with it. This little setup will; grip your rods attach to your tripod hold your camera allow release of your camera It is […]


Reporting Rig

I am loving my new Sony Nex5n. It is a very serious little camera, I think the image is close to, or maybe better than the ‘legend’ Canon 5dmk2 – check back for some tests when I have a moment. So. A reporting ┬árig. A lot of news/feature camera work adheres to a simple formula. […]


Snorricam : JME

HIR body mount in action