Camera Height, a Guide

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Most matte boxes are at a fixed height from your camera rods, at HIR we think this is poor design in a shooting culture that embraces cameras from the tiny Sony NEX5n and Panasonic GH2 to larger taller camera bodies like the Canon C300 and Red Scarlet

Basic Guide to typical HIR builds, of course using a stills lens on a 4X4 filter allows a few mm of deviation from the centre (with nuns knickers!);

Watch our development blog, to see what we might have up out sleeves in the future

This is the ‘official’ place your lens should sit realative to your camera rods


At HIR we do not design for specific cameras, we are camera agnostic, and dont know the height of your camera, but at least we are happy to tell you the height dimensions of our components

Our Dove Riser is 4mm taller than the rails, making the distance from rails centre 4+(15/2)=11.5mm

Our Cheese Plates, if used, sit on top of this adding another 6mm, being 6mm thick.. making the surface 6+4+(15/2)=17.5mm above the rail centre..




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