Designed to Fly

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HIR has a slogan ‘Designed to Fly’

This represents two concepts.


Use with a Steadicam

My desire to create handheld rigs that are light enough so that they can, with no disassembly, be simply added to a manageable handheld stabiliser.

This  is kind of possible with my T30 rig, and a contiuning ‘work in progress’ waiting for lighter cameras and developing lighter components

A side note is HIR handles, some think these not to be ‘meaty’ enough – I might produce a meatier version in time. If you imagine a T30 rig on a stabilizer you will see that keeping mass low is critical to make the rig fly well, on that note these handles are king of the hill at 25 grams a pair!


Use in airborne production

Productions overseas always encounter a bottle neck – what gear can we fly with ?

HIR components are designed to be light and compact, consideration is also given to fitting them in ‘carry on’ cases

We  believe HIR components are some of the lightest on the planet, so on that basis, I would hope that HIR is indeed

.. designed to fly


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