DSLR Sound – Keep It Off The Camera?

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When I am solo shooting a project with critical sound I would tend to use my FS100 or Sony EX1 – to me getting those XLR jacks and synched files make a huge improvement to the pleasure of shooting. Mainly I use me 5dmk2 as a B-Roll camera when shooting video projects. I think DLSRs really sing for Broll and fast become a pain as an A-camera.

But there are times when a DSLR will be the appropriate tool for your project – partiulcarly if you need to travel light.

Maybe you are doing a project that is mainly stills or pretty video with just a couple of interviews.

Many people try an build up their DSLR rig to put the sound equipment onboard, personally Im not really a fan of this methodology.

I keep my sound seperate when shooting DSLR

To make this work I have a critical component, a mini boom for my shotgun mic, that attaches, or instantly releases, from my HIR Handlebars

I keep my sound recorder in a bag on my body and just have the mic lead going to the camera rig.


Well if I am shooting stills or pretty footage I may be able to completely abandon the sound elements of the rig

If I can rope my director, a PR or even a kid into booming for me I can hand the sound element off to them

If I am doing an interview at a desk I can often hide the mic and sound bag near the interview meaning that I can freely shoot from a long way away or move around while shooting with no need for wireless system.


My Canon 5d on a small HIR rig with sound in a shoulder bag (the bag cost £20 at PC world – I cut holes in it to allow cables to go in and out while the top is closed)



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