Aaton are famous for ergonomic cameras. “The cat on the shoulder” I had a play with a photo of my T60 rig and the and the new digital Aaton. See how the mass is low on my T60, just like an Aaton once the shoulder is tucked behind the sticksmount and in front of the […]


Lightweight Support

I had an enquiry about the mass of my lightweight rod setup. The minimal system is very low mass compared some others on the market. About 350g without the 577 or 500g with it. This little setup will; grip your rods attach to your tripod hold your camera allow release of your camera It is […]


Camera Height, a Guide

Most matte boxes are at a fixed height from your camera rods, at HIR we think this is poor design in a shooting culture that embraces cameras from the tiny Sony NEX5n and Panasonic GH2 to larger taller camera bodies like the Canon C300 and Red Scarlet Basic Guide to typical HIR builds, of course using […]

Camera Agnostic

In my short history of shooting motion I have owned a NikonD90, a Canon 5dmk2, a Sony EX1, a Sony Fs100, I have in my sites a small camera like the NEX5n or maybe GH2, a Go-Pro, and if Im lucky a Scarlet. What we see is a fast changeover of camera bodies and a […]

Designed to Fly

HIR has a slogan ‘Designed to Fly’ This represents two concepts.   Use with a Steadicam My desire to create handheld rigs that are light enough so that they can, with no disassembly, be simply added to a manageable handheld stabiliser. This  is kind of possible with my T30 rig, and a contiuning ‘work in […]

Testing Testing T60

Every HIR part will be made as ‘pre production’ tested on real shoots then brought into production phase Here is my PreProd T60 Rig on a couple of shoots, actually rigged with full gear for audio power and the rest..      


Putting it All Away

Whenever I design a component, or a full rig or anything in between I always ask myself the question ‘where does this live’? My personal kit relies heavily on storage in ‘really useful boxes‘ – maybe Peli cases would be better, but maybe not, Pelis are heavy and expensive, great for the shooter who flies […]


Ratchet Levers

If you make rigs little finding little components like levers can an obsession. HIR_S1 rigs used the same Kipp levers as you find on rigs such as the Element Technica Mantis. We soon found smaller, neater better levers, however. The basic requirement of a lever is that it is of a pull and ratchet design, of course […]


The Beauty of The Barrel

The barrel nut is a threaded barrel or cylinder, you see them holdng together furniture and even whole houses To me it is a wonderful engineering solution. We use a lot of them in HIR components Firstly most rigs are made of aluminium, this is a soft metal that is not ideal for threading, certainly […]