Putting it All Away

Elements of Design, On Location, Riggage Plus

Whenever I design a component, or a full rig or anything in between I always ask myself the question ‘where does this live’?

My personal kit relies heavily on storage in ‘really useful boxes‘ – maybe Peli cases would be better, but maybe not, Pelis are heavy and expensive, great for the shooter who flies a lot

Anyway, in the ‘where does this live’ question there is a second question, ‘how long does it take to set up’ – the two considerations usually play against each other

Some facts about my conponents;

  • My 58cm long rods are 2cm short of 60cm, this means they  go in any case or box whose internal size is 60cm
  • My handlebars and shorter rods are just under 30 cm to clear a bag with an internal of 30, that includes carry on stuff from ThinkTank and my favorite the Billingham Packington

My full rig for my FS100 generally lives on its T60 rig almost assembled in its useful box, no more building at the location..

For a foreign assignment the rig was broken down and fitted in with my sticks in their bag..

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