Camera Height, a Guide

Most matte boxes are at a fixed height from your camera rods, at HIR we think this is poor design in a shooting culture that embraces cameras from the tiny Sony NEX5n and Panasonic GH2 to larger taller camera bodies like the Canon C300 and Red Scarlet Basic Guide to typical HIR builds, of course using […]

Camera Agnostic

In my short history of shooting motion I have owned a NikonD90, a Canon 5dmk2, a Sony EX1, a Sony Fs100, I have in my sites a small camera like the NEX5n or maybe GH2, a Go-Pro, and if Im lucky a Scarlet. What we see is a fast changeover of camera bodies and a […]

Roys HIR

Roy Riley has been working on location all over the world for years for the national press and others.. nice pic Roy! HIR with his Tamrac Pack on location;        


Designed to Fly

HIR has a slogan ‘Designed to Fly’ This represents two concepts.   Use with a Steadicam My desire to create handheld rigs that are light enough so that they can, with no disassembly, be simply added to a manageable handheld stabiliser. This  is kind of possible with my T30 rig, and a contiuning ‘work in […]

Neil Halstead : Tied To You

Lee Evans and Andrew Brown of The Lorien Creative handheld this number on their HIR  


DSLR Sound – Keep It Off The Camera?

When I am solo shooting a project with critical sound I would tend to use my FS100 or Sony EX1 – to me getting those XLR jacks and synched files make a huge improvement to the pleasure of shooting. Mainly I use me 5dmk2 as a B-Roll camera when shooting video projects. I think DLSRs really sing […]


Strip it Back for Pickup Shots

Shooting in a stressed interviews and clients environment I like a big rig with a bunch of power and multiple options for sound, but out shooting pickups, especially on sticks, why not strip it all back? This is my Sony FS100 Leightweight rig for shooting pickup shots. I can power the SmallHD from Canon batteries, […]


Light and Sound

I am a massive fan of 1/2 Aluminium Tube, not only does it fit all of my rigs it also fits Arri Grip heads. Have a look at this image, not only is the camera a HIR rig, but im also using very cheap 1/2Tube to keep the hairlight stand out of shot and get […]


Testing Testing T60

Every HIR part will be made as ‘pre production’ tested on real shoots then brought into production phase Here is my PreProd T60 Rig on a couple of shoots, actually rigged with full gear for audio power and the rest..      


Thin Bone

The Medim Bone component is the first of a family, it has a square section to allow serrated plates to be affixed in any axis, top bottom or at the ends The thickness of the Medium Bone allows a slot for Barrel Nut to be placed at any position along it’s section This is huge […]