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I am loving my new Sony Nex5n. It is a very serious little camera, I think the image is close to, or maybe better than the ‘legend’ Canon 5dmk2 – check back for some tests when I have a moment.

So. A reporting  rig.

A lot of news/feature camera work adheres to a simple formula. wide, tight, tight, three simple shots. And some soundbites.

This little camera rig can do that, not just do it but do it well. With an S35 chip one gets a ‘cinematic look’ and lowlight that eats many 1/3 video cameras.

The silly little lens is the 18-55 kit lens, which can give you a nice close up, a good overview and something in the middle. Its also crammed with features like steadyshot and face AF if you need it.

Ive got a filter ring on the front ready for my Tiffen VND filter if I need it to control light level.

The camera has manual control and manual focus too, with 1:1 pixel pre roll focus check, all amazing stuff.

This little rig is stable weighs nothing and does handy things like sit on the floor at many angles. Its a boon for holding in odd place like over a monitor or a chefs frying pan. The rotating monitor helps you compose such shots.

Of course you need to pair this rig with a sound recorder in your pocket or bag, with a recorder like my Sound Devices the quality is way better than a cheaper video camera for sound.

The future is light!

So I went out and had a little shoot with it

It was nice and light and mobile, I did not try AF, I should have, I dont think this camera is that great in low light, so some experimenting beyond the kit lens needs to be done. Kit lens 800 ISO












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