The Beauty of The Barrel

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The barrel nut is a threaded barrel or cylinder, you see them holdng together furniture and even whole houses

To me it is a wonderful engineering solution. We use a lot of them in HIR components

Firstly most rigs are made of aluminium, this is a soft metal that is not ideal for threading, certainly it is most unsuitable for threading uses that have ‘high cycles’ or are used every day. The threads on camera rigs are used all of the time for making adjustments, or packing the rig down.. certainly a high cycle environment

Barrel nuts are amazing in their list of proerties that make the suitable for use in camera rigs

  • The aluminium ‘chassis’ of the component is not threaded, you cannot ‘strip’ and ruin the core component
  • the large holes drilled in the rigs keep weight down, minimising the sections of the rig that are not in use
  • should you strip the barrel it can be swapped out, the core component is not damaged
  • barrels can be swapped out to be replaced by ones with a different thread size, so the same hole in the chassis can support both metric and imperial thread patterns
  • barrels can rotate 90 degrees in a hole so a thread can be offered at the top or side of a component

I am proud of this simple little engineering solution


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