Riser S2 15mm

Price: £115 * | Part ID: 29

The S2 15 riser is rare in 15mm rail blocks that there is space to add items to the top, the bottom and a side while still leaving clearance for more than 180 degrees of turn of the ratcheted rail-clamp lever

Clamping force is provided by complex brass inserts rather than bending the unit itself – this leads to exceptional clamping force on the rails and a good ability to tolerate deviating rail sizes

The ability to hang a VLock under the block and mount a sound recorder or lavaliere mic above the block can simplify the process of building a production rig and save a huge amount of space on the rails making for a shorter, neater rig

Adding all items to the single weight point means a rig can be balanced by undoing a single lever and sliding the whole accessory pack fore or aft on the rails

A simple component but well conceived component can make a huge to the camera rig


  • Single Donut (one side only to oppose lever)
  • Serrated Pair for Bones, 3 sides
  • Cheesplate Large or Small (top or bottom)
  • Direct fit of some accessories for example Sennheiser G3 Lavaliere
  • Hawkwoods Vlock Battery Plate via Cheeseplate Small
In Use, fully rigged with a VLock Battery, lavaliere receiver, and a Single Dono acting as a mini micropone boom..
With a Single Cheeseplate Small
Brass inserts grip the rods..
A (preproduction) Single Dono mounts on the side..


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