5DMk2 Cage

Price: £350 * | Kit ID: 25 |

For various rigging configurations one may need rods above the camera.

We have built this 5dmk2 cage, using the shortest, and therefore, strongest and lightest, route from above the camera to below it, the integrated Dove tripod plate makes for a very elegant little system suitable for a variety of more advanced rigging solutions

If you employ a top handle the forces are not loaded on the camera hot-shoe but are transferred through the body of the cage

As well as ‘getting rods up top’ the system also clamps onto the camera hot-shoe and, of course, the camera tripod mount, this double mounting adds some resistance to the lateral torque applied by follow focus units. Particularly powered ones used in Steadicam and other remote operation builds.

The backplate is scalloped to allow access to the on-off switch of the 5dmk2, the screen is, of course, partially obscured, this configuration assumes you will be using a monitor or EVF

Final production dove plate is better finished than photos shown above.. Production Dove Plate



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