Body Mount Custom

One particularly popular custom HIR build has been our Body Mount or HIR DSLR Snorricam

A fantastic demo

The kit is expensive and available to rent from Shoot Blue in London – the rig is not just for UK rental but has been shipped globally.

The kit works because of the unusual strength to weight ratio of our Double DoNos that are light enough to keep the rig mass down, while rigid enough to stand the huge torque presented on the system due to the camera to body distance.

The Body Mount uses the same items as the Car Kit (so buying both can start to provide value if you are looking to create a general rigging solution for your cameras)

Body mount is seven double donuts, 4 spuds, a 2 cheeseplates, large, and a custom fabricated ‘rigid rucksack’ around ¬£2.5 of parts

Some investigations and prototyping is under way to bring the same performance at a reduced cost, keep up on our development blog


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