Bones have a simple mission.

“To hold an item rigidly in space without the use of triangulation”

Translastion: Bones are a very fancy monitor mount

.. or data recorder mount  ..mount for a small camera .. or, well, bones can be set up in endless configurations

But their main purpose is to provide a monitor mount, possibly the best on the planet

They may be configured with serrated clamps or in other manners to provide appropriate friction and movement.

If you feel Bones can fulfil you camera rigging needs please get in touch so we can sort out your requirements for this very special system.


Bones configured to hold a SmallHD on the ‘dumb’ side of a Red Epic

A single Bone offers the perfect monitor mount on a T60 rig

The flexibility of the system is almost beyond comprehension

The monitor mount on the T60 Rig

Serrated clamps are the key to non slip operation..

Bare Bones..

Bones even interface with our Dove Rail mount

A lightweight configuration of the FS100 for tripod or handheld, but not shoulder, shooting can be constructed with a single Bone..

Once again.. an that amazingly simple yet effective rigging of the FS100