Car Mount Kit

Price: £800 * | Kit ID: 456456 |

 “In the rental world kit is pushed to its limits. The car rig has been out very regularly on rental with us for more than a year now, it has never let us or our customers down” Jon Howarth, Shoot Blue Rental.

The HIR car mount kit has, to our knowledge, the best strength to weight ratio on the planet. Using super light HIR DoNuts keeps the mass of the ‘camera head’ low which hugely extends the potential of the system in terms of rigging a long way from the vehicle, or its ability to counter vibration.

We call it a car mount kit but more correctly the title should be ‘triangulated camera head’ or suchlike, the system can be mounted on a car, a human, a tank or a tree, to name a few


Long video with the car mount, some of the items seen are pre-production, all delivered items are black anodised


* excluding VAT in the UK and EU, if applicable, shipping and customs, where applicable