Dove Camera Mount

The core of any camera rig is the physical journey from the tripod through the rig to the camera, if this is not solid then the camera rig will never perform.

New for 2012 our Dove Camera Mount system takes the standard manfrotto wedge plate shape and builds on that system, in a way that grows with the size of your camera and rig.

 Unlike a lot of expensive camera plates we ensure that the camera can always be reoved from the rig without stripping out the contents of the rails, this can save huge amounts of time on set if your are moving your camera between different support systems or need to mount the camera on the back of a large telephoto lens.

Our sytem can be built in a light form for smaller rigs or doubled up for the most robust requirements, it can also be rigidly raised to gain the perfect matte box height or altered to fit tripods that do not mate with a manfotto style plate

We hope in its simplest forms that this camera support is both light, elegant, simple strong and will last you many cameras.

Have a watch;

Heavy build with two rail blocks



Light build using a single rail block, dove tripod plate and a manfrotto 577


Light build stripped down to show component parts, rail block, dove plate and spacer, even this light build transfers forces straight from the camera into the tripod head