Shoulder Pads

Price: £6 each * | Kit ID: 19 |

Summer offer Рfive shoulder pads for just £20ukp excluding shipping and taxes.

HIR Shoulder pads are for 15mm rods, an ergonomically designed ‘rubber’ pad that provides a comfortable interface between camera rods and your shoulder.

We think the main attribute of this product is that you can save a huge amount of weight by abandoning the ‘classic’ shoulder pads seen on many rigs, not to mention the large reduction in ‘pack down’ size of your rig.

The curved profile of the pad is specifically designed to enable you to keep a perfect horizon in your shots by keeping the camera flat – so many ‘classic’ rig shoulder pads put the padding parallel to the rods, which means your shot tends to have a horizon that slopes with the angle of your shoulder¬†– who thought that was a good idea?

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Shoulder pads looking very tidy on Aaron Vogel’s Ikonostop..


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