T30 Camera Rig

Price: £385 * | Kit ID: 24 |

Shooting with a DSLR or even an Fs100 equipped with an EVF we believe the T30 rig offers minimalist stripped down simplicity, a small light compact Rig with functionality up there with the best. Do you need any more?
  • 15mm rods ready for your follow focus or matte box
  • HIR handlebars never slip and offer multiple mount points for a monitor arm or sound recorder
  • The DOVE baseplate drops straight onto your Manfrotto wedge style tripod for an instant switch from your sticks to handheld
  • Shoulder pads and a Bumper keep the rig safe and snug to your body
To shoot with this rig all you need to add is a 577 up top and a Noga arm for your EVF
Seen below ready to ship with spacer and bolts ready for Manfrotto 577 up top. Also 1/4 Barrel Nut ready to receive EVF arm..

* excluding VAT in the UK and EU, if applicable, shipping and customs, where applicable