T60 Camera Rig

Price: £410 * | Kit ID: 21 |

If you fly a lot of accessories or do a lot of standup interviews a rig that is balanced by having some mass behind your shoulder is the rig for you.

The T60 rig is the skeleton of such a system

  • handlebars provide secure handles and many mount points
  • The Dove support system is ready to drop on to your manfrotto plate style tripod
  • The 15mm rods are ready to add a follow focus and or matte box
To shoot you will need a 577 to receive your camera and a noga arm to hold your EVF or your  monitor could be held with a noga arm or a more secure system using our Bones
To fully finish your rig depends on the accessories you fly, and your power requirements, at the rear you will typically add either a counterweight or a Vlock battery power system


T60 rig (with extra components at additional cost) built up with FS100 camera.


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