Zip Tie Focus Gears

“a superb product” – Philip Bloom DP – read his Review

Zip tie focus gears live on your still lenses so that the lens meshes with your Follow Focus, the gears offer a 0.8mod pitch that is the standard for cine follow focus systems.

Available globally through dealers WideOpenCamera, BandH, Robert White, Mavis Photo and more

We also supply production companies and dealers with orders for 10 or more from our UK base, or, of course, ship, with larger orders for rigs and the like.

The launch video explains the concept, more sizes have been launched since the video however (see table below)


  • this chart the Canon 16-35 is the older 77 front version, the new 82 front version needs L (we believe)
  • this chart is for the Nikon 70-200VR-1, the VR2 may be a little larger.

The HIR FAT strap is for lenses that have a long focus travel – many can be locked together using the ‘ears’ on the straps

And a vid showing the FAT strap..


We also make the ‘Wide Open Camera’ lens gear, ┬áthis gear is 280mm long and 15mm wide – available in the USA

They are available in Red and Black

Someone prettier than the inventor gives them a spin :)