Welcome to HIR world.

We are professional shooters who make gear for professional shooters.

Our equipment is targeted at the professional solo operator or small crew who require a stealthy approach to  filming, documentary, news, adventure or corporate.

Our designs are highly considered, never rushed to market, we prioritise durability, low weight, small pack-down size, and ease of use.

Operators who select our products tend to be experienced professionals looking for tools, not toys, the sort of people you might find making a documentary  in Ethiopia, hidden on the set of Black Swan, or winning an Emmy.

We also have our hardware in rental houses used daily.

Check our home-page images to discover what is hot, use the Rigs and Kits tab find whole rig solutions or ways to upgrade the rig you already own, read our blog to find out whats going on in HIR world, use the Your Camera tab to explore our products relevance to your camera, or check the Your Accessories tab to find out how we mount stuff.

And visit how to buy to start the process of us configuring the right kit for your needs.