We think using a monitor when shooting with a large chip is really important to sustain focus.

Typically monitors are mounted onto HIR handlebars using a Noga Arm, this is a simple and reasonably effective solution.

Should you be seeking a more robust solution we would suggest having a look at our Bones system.

Neither an arm or Bones will beat the final link in the chain for getting a monitor that really stays where you want it in the toughest environments, because they are both beaten by the single threaded mount point on most monitors.

If you exaimine the photo below of our SmallHD DP6 attached to Bones you will see a double slotted aluminium component, we can get these made to order or will bring them to production at some time in the future, of course such mounts can be made for any monitor.

Typical monitor mount..


The arm is held with a barrel nut


Small HD DP4 Mounted with Noga Arm on HIR Handlebars..

Small HD on Bones..


Detail of  custom mount specific to the SmallHD DP6 which mean it cannot come undone (the additional height is to clear the sunshade)


Bones used for monitor mount on ‘dumb side’ of a Red Epic