Tripod Quick Release

Choosing a tripod quick release system is a big choice as you create your camera rigging system.

If you have multiple cameras and/or want to swap your camera(s) between different support systems, maybe from a shoulder rig to a slider, very quickly you will find that you need many copies of your release system.

Some rig manufacturers go down a proprietary line with their ‘qr plates’ this can be a fine solution for a single camera and rig combination but can fast become incredibly expensive to build out a fully functioning camera system.

Some tripod manufacturers have fine plate systems but often their ‘spares’ are very expensive and can have weeks of backorder.

At HIR we thought long and hard before choosing the Manfrotto 501 system as our ‘standard’. We particularly like the manfrotto 577 ‘female’ mount component from manfrotto, simply because it is cheap and also has three threaded mount points in the bottom, we like to mount everything by at least two points.

HIR Dove System integrates seamlessly with the ‘Frotto 501 system.

Beyond the Manfrotto system some shooters move towards the Arca Swiss/Really Right Stuff system, a very elegant solution for those with deep enough pockets, at HIR we design with this system in mind too.

We also consider the Satchler/Miller systems.

At HIR we can provide advice on systems when creating your camera support solution.

Some images from around the world of tripods and release;

The Dove system, in light build, with an added manfrotto 577 is simple, cheap strong and elegant;


In heavy build using a Cheese Plate, HIR is ready to accept many release systems being drilled for the 577, Arca/RRS and more..


Cheese Plate and RRS..


Using a Manfrotto 577 on a Miller tripod;


Our Dove tripod Plate drops straight onto ‘Frotto tripod heads..


Another interesting solution for Arca/RRS profile is the new ‘Kwik‘ release system from Kessler which we are sure will attach to our cheeseplate..



This is not a release system we would reccomend (on cost grounds) but may work if you are heavily invested in the Satchler 1091 system -we prefer the ‘fix’ shown above above using the 577 plate on our miller sticks.