Black Magic

The Black Magic Cinema camera is eagerly awaited.

We hope that HIR rigs will be a great partner for the BMD, BMC or whatever the industry is calling it.

The camera will often need to be built into a large form, needing a rig that can carry an external battery solution and matte box – the camera has no onboard ND filtration and minimal onboard power life.

Check out our T60 rig to start building your BMC rig.  For smaller projects and low profile use our T30 rig should be just the thing. Of course you can have a T30 and a T60 for just the price of another paid of 15mm rods.

Using our 15mm S2 riser should make for a very clean rig if you need a Vlock below the rails and some sort of XLR preamp above the rails as one component to prepare your sound for the 1/4 jack inputs.

A Bone could be used for an ultra simple configuration my Pickup Shots Rig.

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Black Magic Design Cinema Camera

Frank Glencairn kindly sent me some images of the BMC.

We see the bottom is correctly drilled to work with a Manfrotto 501 Plate. The Camera is quite tall, compared to an FS100;

Like many other cameras the camera will run from a Hawkwoods Vlock system mounted with HIR parts