1/3 Camcorders


Professional Camcorders with 1/3 or 2/3 chips often work adequately with no camera rig.

However, their monitor placement and, shorter than an ENG camera form factor, mean a camera rig can be an appropriate choice. Partiularly if you need to add accessories for your shoot, a lavaliere receiver is often critical for sound and an external monitor or EVF can be required when filming in sunlight.

Cameras such as the Sony PMW EX1 need an external recorder to meet BBC 50 mb/s standards – this needs to be attached somehow, a power source┬ámay be needed for longer shifts.

We would suggest our T30 rig for use with an an EVF and lavaliere combination.

If you need to build the camera up with a monitor, external power and maybe a data recorder, the T60 rig will be model for you.

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PMW EX1 on HIR  Rig